Are splat guns legal? Complete Guide-2023

This question arises due to the misconception surrounding these toys. However, it’s essential to clarify that splat ball guns are legal in all US states, recognized as fun toys for kids and adults alike,

permitted for use anywhere in the United States with adherence to specific rules. The manufacturer’s suggested age for users is 12 years or older, ensuring a safer experience. 

Splat guns provide entertainment and recreational activity, and as long as they are used responsibly and within the recommended guidelines, they are entirely legal and harmless.

Enjoy the fun-filled splatting adventure while staying well-informed and compliant with the regulations!  There are some major countries where these Toys guns are illegal or some Restricted to a certain age.

Why are splat guns illegal? 

The legality of splat guns varies from country to country, with some nations completely banning them, while others have specific usage regulations. In the United States, splat guns are legal in all states as long as certain rules are followed.

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However, one concern is that law enforcement officers searching for criminals or conducting duties in public areas may mistake these toy guns for real firearms when held by someone, potentially leading to misunderstandings or dangerous situations.

There are charges, fines for shooting people with splatter ball guns.

Wondering about the consequences of using splat ball guns irresponsibly? While splat guns can be enjoyed as toys without any restrictions when used wisely, shooting people, cars, or deploying them in public spaces can lead to serious charges and fines.

It's crucial to understand that using splatter ball guns inappropriately is considered a crime. To avoid legal issues and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, always follow the rules and guidelines regarding their usage.

Responsible fun with splat guns is possible, but it's essential to respect the boundaries to avoid any unwanted legal repercussions. Play smart and respect the safety of others and public spaces while indulging in splat gun fun!

Misusing splat guns can result in serious charges, such as reckless driving or shooting at vehicles or other objects. To ensure a safe and legal experience, it is crucial to use splat guns responsibly and be aware of the potential consequences of their misuse.

You can Play with Splat Guns Legally in the Following USA States.

You can enjoy legal play with splat guns in various states across the USA. Some well-known states where splat guns are allowed include:

New York

Toy guns with a clear and unmistakable appearance are permitted. Colorful toy guns resembling real firearms are not allowed, but splat guns, with their distinct toy-like design and colors, are permissible.


Replica guns, including splat guns, are entirely legal. The only requirement is that minors under 16 years old must be under adult supervision while using them. As per section 790.22


Publicly displaying an imitation gun, like a splat gun, is acceptable as long as it is not pointed at people. However, if others perceive it as a real firearm and feel threatened, you may face charges of aggravated assault.


The use or display of imitation firearms, including splat guns, is prohibited in public spaces to prevent panic and confusion caused by mistaking toy guns for real ones. Violators may face fines or misdemeanor charges for repeat offenses.

New Jersey

While possession of a splatter ball gun is legal, using it to create fear or panic by portraying it as a real firearm is not allowed. Splatter ball guns must have a non-removable orange strip at least half an inch wide running the entire length of the gun to distinguish them from actual firearms.

Countries Where Splatr Guns ball is illegal?

The use of splat ball guns is completely illegal in several countries and some have Age limit, where law enforcement has implemented a clear ban on these toys. Here is a list of such countries:

Australia: Splat guns are illegal in all states and territories of Australia.

UK: While those above the age of 18 can purchase these toy guns in the UK, there may be some restrictions on their public exhibit and carrying. Yes, Gel Blasters are toys and are legal in the United Kingdom.

Brazil: Splat guns are illegal in Brazil.

India: Splat guns are illegal in India.

Japan: Splat guns are illegal in Japan.

Sweden: Splat guns are illegal in Sweden.

In these countries, it is crucial to adhere to the laws and refrain from using splat guns to avoid legal consequences. Again if you are from these Countries and Above 18. you can use it with some Rules.


In conclusion, for those wondering, "Are splat guns illegal?" the answer is that they are prohibited in several countries. Where splat guns are illegal," Australia, UK, Brazil, India, Japan, and Sweden have implemented a complete ban on these toys.

It's essential to respect these laws to ensure safety and compliance. Always stay informed about the regulations in your region to enjoy splat guns responsibly and legally.

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