Gel Blasters Gun FPS: All You Need to Know

Do you want to know about the Power of Gel Blasters? The strength of a gel blaster is determined by its muzzle velocity, which measures the speed at which gel balls are fired from the gun. Muzzle velocity is usually measured in feet per second (FPS).

The higher the FPS, the more powerful the gel blaster is regarded. Electric motors are commonly employed to propel the gel balls in gel blasters, resulting in muzzle velocities typically ranging from 200 to 300 FPS. These velocities provide a satisfying level of power for gel blaster enthusiasts.

The FPS Range Of Gel Blasters

Gel blasters usually operate within the range of 200-300 FPS, propelled by electric motors. However, there are high-performance models available that can reach muzzle velocities of 400-500 FPS or even higher, depending on upgrades and specific models.

It’s important to note that gel blasters exceeding 500 FPS, such as a 600 FPS gel blaster, are considered extremely high-powered. These blasters may not be suitable for recreational play and should only be handled by experienced users in controlled environments.

The immense velocity of such blasters can potentially cause harm, making it crucial to follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear when operating them.

Gel Blaster ModelFPS Range
Gel Blaster Surge Gen390-170 FPS
Gel Blaster Surge XL250 FPS
Gel Blaster Starfire XL250 FPS
Anstoy Gel Blaster180 FPS
Lasermag M416 Gel Blaster200 FPS
Nerf Pro Gel Blaster150 FPS
Voswuen M4A1 Gel Blaster280 FPS
Unlocx Gel Blaster200 FPS
AKM47 Gel Blaster180 FPS
Scorpion Gel Blaster200 FPS
JMX2 Gel Blaster150-160 FPS

Can A High FPS Penetrate The Skin? 

When the FPS of a gel blaster reaches the range of 300 to 400 or higher, there is a risk of skin penetration. This means that high FPS gel blasters have the potential to cause discomfort or minor injuries by penetrating the skin.

Safety should be a top priority when using such blasters, as their impact on others should be carefully considered. When a gel ball propelled at high velocity strikes the skin beyond 200 FPS, it typically feels like a sting and leaves behind a pink spot.

To ensure protection, it is essential to use appropriate safety equipment such as goggles and/or masks when engaging in play with these Toy guns.

By taking these precautions, you can enjoy the experience while minimizing the potential risks associated with high FPS gel blasters.

How to have high fps gel blaster?

Interested in boosting the FPS of your gel blaster? Here are some tips to help you achieve higher FPS levels:

Upgrade internal components: Enhance the FPS of your gel blaster by upgrading key components like the spring and piston. These upgrades can provide a significant boost to the muzzle velocity.

Option for heavier gel balls: Using heavier gel balls tends to result in higher FPS compared to lighter ones. This is because heavier projectiles retain more energy and propel at a faster speed.

Ensure proper maintenance: Regularly maintain and lubricate your gel blaster to optimize its performance and FPS output. This includes cleaning the barrel, checking for any blockages, and applying appropriate lubricants.

Consider barrel length: Shortening the barrel can help reduce friction and increase FPS. Longer barrels tend to cause more friction towards the end, leading to a drop in FPS. Find the optimal barrel length for your gel blaster.

Stabilize the barrel: Improve stability by ensuring both the inner and outer barrel are properly secured. Additionally, consider correcting the cylinder to barrel volume ratio for optimal performance.

Why are we so absorbed on FPS?

Have you ever wondered why we are so fixated on FPS (feet per second)? When it comes to gel blasters, FPS plays a crucial role in determining their performance and shooting capability. Higher FPS values are often sought after because they can significantly impact accuracy and range.

A gel blaster with a higher FPS can offer improved precision, allowing you to hit targets more accurately. Additionally, it enables shots to travel over longer distances, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

The ability to accurately hit targets from a greater distance adds an element of excitement and challenge to gel blaster games and activities.

As enthusiasts, we strive for the optimal FPS range to maximize the potential of our gel blasters. It’s the pursuit of an engaging and immersive experience that drives our fascination with FPS.

So, next time you’re immersed in a gel blaster adventure, remember that FPS plays a vital role in elevating the excitement and thrill of the game.

A 11.1v battery improves FPS?

Using an 11.1v battery has the potential to increase the FPS, resulting in a more powerful shot. The higher voltage supplied by the battery boosts the energy output, enhancing the overall performance of the gel blaster.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and check compatibility before upgrading to an 11.1v battery. Not all gel blasters can handle the increased voltage, and using an incompatible battery can cause damage to the blaster or its internal components.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure that your gel blaster is compatible with the higher voltage.

By choosing the right battery for your gel blaster, you can optimize its performance and potentially experience an increase in FPS, leading to improved shooting capabilities and an enhanced overall experience.

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