How much an Orbeez Gun can Cost? Latest

So you decided to buy Orbeez guns for kids to Play with these Amazing orbeez Toys.but dont know How much an Orbeez Gun Cost. Recently, I bought Orbeez guns for Kids also one for myself. So I can share my honest Experience with you. 

You’re in for a treat! As this delightful toy gains popularity, The price depend on variety of factors. High-quality brands may command a premium compared to regular ones .Expect a range from $25 to $300, depending on the model and the store you purchase from.

The cost is influenced by factors like size, built quality, and the included accessories. Your preferences, such as colors, features, power of FPS, and variety of options, can also affect the final price.

So, choose wisely, and get ready to have a blast with this fascinating and engaging toy!

Orbeez Guns Brand with Estimated Prices.

Below is the table of some brand with estimated prices. Make sure to check the price manually also quality of orbeez guns before you purchase.

BrandEstimated Price Range
UnlocX$40 – $100
Super Soothing$25 – $300
Blaster Pistol V1$50 – $80
Blaster Pistol V2$60 – $90
RapidBlast$35 – $70
MegaBlast$50 – $120
Xtreme Shooter$40 – $85
HyperFire$30 – $60

Where can I buy an Orbeez gun?

Now you are full of Aware how much does orbeez gun can cost.Looking to get your hands on an Orbeez gun? Look no further! You have several options to make your purchase. 

Two reliable and popular choices are Amazon and Walmart, where you can find a wide range of Orbeez gun products. Additionally, check out local sites for more convenience and possibly unique offerings. 

Whether you prefer online shopping or exploring local stores, these options should satisfy your quest for the perfect orbeez gun. So, go whatever is easy for you make sure to choose the best toy gun.

What is the best Orbeez gun that offers value for money?

For those seeking the best value for money in an Orbeez gun, the UnlocX gel ball blaster stands out as the top choice according to UnlocXer’s rating for 2023.

This impressive blaster comes in 4-in-1 gel ball blaster toys, Blaster Pistol V1, and Blaster Pistol V2 styles, offering a diverse range of options.

With its remarkable firepower, it can blast 11 rounds per second and boasts an impressive 200FPS velocity. The 1200 – 1800mah battery capacity ensures long-lasting playtime.

To top it off, the blaster magazine holds 700 rounds, guaranteeing maximum blasting fun without frequent reloads.

The UnlocX gel ball blaster delivers unmatched performance and features, making it the ultimate choice for those looking to get the best bang for their buck.

What is the bottom line to consider while buying an Orbeez gun?

When considering purchasing an Orbeez gun, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind for an informed decision:

  • Brand: Orbeez guns are manufactured by various companies. These toys are generally considered safer than other toy guns like airsoft or paintball guns, as companies design them with user safety in mind.
  • Size: The size of the Orbeez gun is determined by the manufacturer. Some brands offer longer guns, while others have more compact 10 cm ones. Longer orbeez guns can shoot at longer distances and with greater speed. Consider the size that suits your gameplay style and preferences, making sure it’s portable and convenient.
  • Quality: Different brands use varying materials in their orbeez gun production. Some option for high-quality plastics, making their products more durable and long-lasting, while others may use lower-quality materials for cost-effectiveness.
  • Features: Brands have a direct impact on the features offered in their orbeez guns. While the basic features may be similar across models, some brands introduce innovative features that set them apart from others. Explore the features to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • Accessories: Many brands offer a wide range of accessories, including extra orbeez, goggles, batteries, magazines, laser scopes, and more. Consider the availability and relevance of accessories to enhance your orbeez gun experience.

By considering these bottom lines, you can ensure that you make a well-informed choice while buying an Orbeez gun that provides safety, performance, and overall enjoyment.


In conclusion, when looking for the perfect Orbeez gun, it’s essential to consider factors like brand reputation, size, quality, features, and available accessories.

These aspects will help you make an informed decision and ensure you get the best value for your money. Now you can confidently explore the options, knowing you’re well-equipped to find the ideal Orbeez gun that fits your needs and budget.

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